Fast Talking Analysis of Competition in Flipping

Today’s lighthearted blog is really just a link to connect to another video blog:


The NREP (National Real Estate Post) gives us a few national statistics to ponder on flipping and a novel new idea on how to preserve your market share.

First, the percentage real estate transactions that end in sales to flippers is down about 10% nationally.  Many of our clients are flippers, wholesalers, investors,”hard money lenders”, and other entrepreneurial purchasers of real estate.   Their livelihood ultimately comes down to finding available properties to buy BELOW MARKET VALUE.     Many seem to lament the competition out there at foreclosure auctions and other historically fruitful sources of flippable properties.

The NREP gives us a few reasons that the Flipper market share is down but also describes how one Flipper is trying to use UBER and LYFT Drivers to help find properties.

It is worth thinking about!  What stones can you turn over to find new sources of deals?

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