Mutual Assured Destruction May Re-emerge as a Factor in Home Selection

Given the paranoia over Russian meddling in US elections, and now revelations that there may be cyberbombs ready to explode in our softwares that run our public utilities . . . and now the N. Y. Times makes the treasonous revelation that the U. S. has taken to counter-terrorism against Russian utilities!     Where will it end?   It sounds like the latest version of M A D (mutual assured destruction) that resulted from the Cold War and the accumulation of so much nuclear firepower that peace was maintained in the interests of avoiding total annihilation of all life on Earth.

How will  the power to leave people without centralized power or clean drinking water affect purchase choices in real estate?   Is MAD part of the reason that the middle of the country is starting to grow faster than the coastal zones?  In the 70’s, proponents of “off the grid” living gained an influence in home choices . . .  rural land values began to escalate and local governments had to enact “green line” type regulations because there was insufficient infrastructure to support the “move outward”.

Now it seems that homeowners may start to demand  technology rich homes that can provide at least basic amenities with solar power, clean water with a well, and have enough land to at least engage in micro-gardening.   Condominium Buyers Beware!    Other alternatives that may gain popularity:   group wells in small subdivisions and enclaves; community garden plots; super water filtration systems; high tech quiet and powerful whole house generators; homes with aesthetically creative rain barrels, and perhaps even a  return to bomb shelters, a/k/a “safe rooms”.

I’m just sayin’ . . .   think about what is important to you now AND what might add resale pizzazz later!

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