Why Sell a Perfectly Good Home?

Many thanks to Hampton Roads Realtor, Dennis Blackmore,

Dennis Blackmore




for providing the top 5 reasons for buying or selling a home:

First-time homebuyers often buy a “starter” home perfectly sized for two.  However, when their family starts to grow by one or two kids, the walls can close in. When kids come along, that means more stuff and more space is needed. Sometimes families just outgrow their home and want more room. They look for more space, a better community, or a newer nicer home that’s updated.

Travel time and proximity to work is a key motivating factor for many home buyers and sellers. If you are tired of seeing tail lights for too much of your day, maybe it’s time to make a change. As your local expert I can certainly pinpoint homes with this in mind.

Jobs can play a huge motivator when it’s time to move. A promotion or a new job may cause someone to relocate. Whether it’s a new financial situation, new opportunity, even a housing stipend, it’s true that jobs are a top 5 motivator.

After kids move, it’s common for homeowners to downsize to a smaller home that’s easier to maintain. Sometimes it’s age and health related, getting to a single floor plan or a low maintenance condo.

Another motivating factor for buying and selling is wanting to get closer to family. Whether it’s parents, brothers, sisters, or grandparents being close to family is important.

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