How do I pay you for your legal services?

Most fees are paid at closing along with your standard closing costs.  We offer numerous services on an hourly rate.  A fee schedule is available upon request.


Do I have to pay for an initial consultation?

More often than not, the first consultation is free of charge, and provides time when we can plan and discuss fees openly.  Most of our services are based on a flat fee, and payment is due at closing or when the services have been completed.  If your first consultation is ever billable, you will know before you come in.


How do I make an appointment?

Just call or email Real Estate Legal Services.  With reasonable notice, we can always schedule your appointment at a time that is suitable for you.  Saturday and evening hours are available upon request, and we even do "house calls!"


Why use an attorney to handle my real estate closing?

You need a real estate attorney for a real estate closing.  Litigators have an entirely different expertise.  On the other hand, you cannot safely buy or own real estate in a legal vacuum!  Lawyers, who have studied the entire body of American law for 3 years, will be able to protect your rights far more that a lay person, banker, or title agent whose only claim to expertise is having done closings for their previous customers.  What they don't know can hurt you!

Our closing fees are typically 10-25% higher than fees charged by non lawyers to conduct closings, but the differences are dramatic!  Only a lawyer owes you a duty of loyalty as a client; to a non-lawyer, you are a customer and the principle of "buyer beware" may well apply.

In Virginia, only a lawyer engaged in the private practice of law can represent you.  Non-lawyers basically show you where to sign documents and are committing a violation of law if they attempt to give legal advice without a law license.  If you simply must save money, consider using one of our affiliated notary only signing services.

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