Dog Days of the Short Sale

Some clients who come into our office to sign documents to shed the albatross of an upside down home, have asked, “why do you have a dog in the office?”   First I must point out that many enlightened organizations permit well trained canines at work.  Dogs have long since proven their worth in law enforcement, for example.   But putting aside the security aspects of having a dog on the premises,  and the obvious morale boost to overworked staff and clients who sometimes just need a little encouragement, many clients come in and need a moment of distraction for their toddlers and young children while they sign important documents.    Below, I give you Chachi, Director of Security Services, Childcare and Morale:


She has also been known to sit attentively beside some clients who develop the dreaded – SIGNER’S REMORSE – her barely audible growl and calm demeanor cleverly concealing her ability to set upon deal killers like a spider monkey.

Sometimes, in a short sale, with emotions high, marriages under strain, greedy buyers trying to take advantage, heartless lenders making impossible demands, it just takes a dog, and a little tenacity, to close the deal.

Jimmy Stewart said it best in an interview with Johnny Carson.

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