Global Warming and the Real Estate Profession

Since the early days of Perry Mason, and LA Law, and all the many legal shows that followed, I have often lamented the omission from mainstream media of the exciting part of the legal calling that some of us hold dear, that is the practice of Real Estate Law.    Dirt Law.    An integral part of the Pursuit of Happiness and implicit in the Declaration of Independence.   We reject the idea that the King can own everything except that which he chooses to grant.   These days there is perhaps a pendulum swing back toward socialism.   The idea that we should hold all things in common . . . .  to me, this is just making big government the new King to replace the old King of England.  This new king can be just as draconian, using powers of eminent domain and condemnation to take private property.

If you find yourself facing the lustful attention of the “New King” toward your land, don’t face him alone!  Our firm can help you get a fair value for the forced sale of your land or can help you keep your land if the proposed confiscation by the government is not truly for the public welfare but for the good of other and often competing private concerns.   Even in the innocuous sounding field of “land use regulation”,  you may find that the New King wants to control what you can build on your land or use your land to accomplish in ways that are sometimes shocking.   Don’t hesitate to call Attorney John Napier in our office to discuss these sorts of matters and make sure your legal rights are protected when it comes to your property.

And if the fear-mongering environmentalists are right and all of our land will one day be like the movie – WaterWorld – the only recommendation I can make is twofold – (1) own a good boat to keep it in your back yard like Noah;  and (2)  until the land disappears, use your property, your boat, your gifts, your time, talent and treasure  to promote a land where neither floods cdp jr cdp iii at capurnaum surf camp 2014

nor fires shall ever again destroy the homes that people make.  This photo is from a Saturday in September 2014 and depicts Chase Pittman, of the Real Estate Legal Services Short Sale Negotiation Department, and Charlie Pittman, founder of the firm, taking “campers” from Young Life’s Capurnaum ministry on their first Surfing rides.

Many thanks to Dave Rathbone at Saw-Mitre.Com for taking the shot!

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