The Triple “I” Intersection

At the intersection of Inventory, Income and Interest rates, we find the biggest pool of eligible buyers of new homes.     New road projects at that point on the map appear to be moving to a place that will reduce the pool of eligible buyers.   Take a minute and listen to the Real Estate Industry Blog Leaders describing how Home Prices are outpacing Wage Gains.

If you are a first time home buyer or a previous short seller looking to get back into real estate ownership, make your move now if you are able.  If loan qualification is still some period of time away for you, consider working with a creative real estate attorney to help put your target property under contract with an appropriate tool to help you lock it down until you can secure financing.  Our firm prepares Lease with Option Agreements, Land Contract Purchases, Land Trust Purchases, and “Subject To” and “Wrap-Around” Purchases.   Don’t give up the dream of home ownership until you consult with an experienced real estate attorney.    Sometimes the Triple I Intersection can be preserved for you despite the pressure to see prices  and interest rates go up and put your dream home out of reach.

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