Virginia Voter Information!

This year’s (11-8-16!!) ballot has the potential to be a little more complex than usual.   In my city there is a referendum on Light Rail, a question on exempting widows of First Responders killed in the line of duty from real estate taxes, and a constitutional amendment on keeping Virginia a “Right to Work” state.   In addition to 5 or more party choices for President, there were also quite a few Mayor, City Counsel, and School Board choices to make.

You can actually save time in the voting booth by reviewing the ballot in advance.  In Virginia Beach, go  to:


For a great website on WHY YOU NEED TO VOTE, and helping you understand the issues and connecting you with your local voter registration website, go to:


Most of all, if you have a connection to a higher power, this is a great time to use that connection to ask for wisdom, mercy, guidance, and revival!

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