A Great Reminder to be Grateful on Thanksgiving


Thanks Brian and Frank and the National Real Estate Post  team.  Great Reminder.

From all of us at Anderson & Pittman, to all of the folks without whom we couldn’t have helped put some many homeowner’s into the American Dream. .  . . Thank you!

Thanks to the title examiners, the appraisers, the credit services, the inspectors, the termite killers, the loan officers, the processors, the underwriters, the folks who invested the money in the mortgage companies, ALL OF OUR BELOVED STAFF! – the reception team, the title agents, the paralegals, the closers, the bookkeepers, the CPA (thanks Pat Finn! a/k/a the mediator with math!), our LOYAL REALTORS AND BROKERS, the lenders, the couriers, the internet service and IT guys (thanks Nick Mathes & Netstream), thanks Cox, the families that don’t complain when get work late, our MILITARY SERVICE guys and gals who protect our way of life, our beloved Bankers (thanks Truist, Southern Bank, Chesapeake Bank), the caterers, the landlords, the dogs who behave so well at work and help us deal with stress and the occasional dangerous visitor, the lenders that take less than they are owed so our short sale clients can get a fresh start, the insurance agents (thanks Atlantic Charter) that keep us “covered”, to our benefit consultant team (Rod is the bomb), the Sedera and ReDirect Health team that help us afford health insurance coverage, the Office Manager and HR folks who undertake faithfully the most under-appreciated form of servanthood on the planet, the neighboring businesses who share precious parking spots with us (Go Footers, Go Cheds), AmTrust Title and Old Republic Title that treat us like family and bring dark chocolate, the guys the cut the grass and just harvested the jungle in the back (thank you Shane at East Coast Lawn and Landscaping), our colleagues and fellow lawyers, our mostly reasonable friends who “adjust” for insurance companies, our chiropractor friends who adjust for health!, Dominion Power and all our utility providers, our advertisers and webmeisters,  I could go on all day, but just had to take a minute to shout out to you all.  We are grateful!  Our clients are grateful.     God bless you!

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