Buy Fresh, Buy Local

Imelda Marcos has nothing on me when it comes to shoe fetishes.   My compulsion is to constantly replace my tennis shoes.   Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Head, Wilson, Babolat . . . they must invest huge sums in the technology to expedite the breakdown of the cushioning in the sole of the shoe.    But I digress.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve never bought anything over the internet that you received and it wasn’t quite right but you kept it anyway.  For the rest of us ponder this article about how fast houses are selling on Amazon:


It is taking time for me to see a home as being like a pair of shoes, but apparently to many buyers, they feel they can research all the essential elements online and make offers site unseen.

Let us know how you feel about that!  WE always love to hear from you.

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