Fast Talking Analysis of Competition in Flipping

Today’s lighthearted blog is really just a link to connect to another video blog: https://thenationalrealestatepost.com/flipper-using-uber-drivers-to-find-distressed-homes/ The NREP (National Real Estate Post) gives us a few national statistics to ponder on flipping and a novel new idea on how to preserve your market share. First, the percentage real estate transactions that end in sales to flippers…


Creative Down Payments

The big news in the last few years has been that many 20 and 30 somethings have a different priority and value system when it comes to home ownership than their parents had.    Low and Behold, home ownership has moved up the Millennial priority list!  There is a shift of attitude happening statistically and the…


Umbrella Insurance

Today’s blog is both a resignation to our recently shattered rainfall records and a shout out to a former Associate of our Firm who opened his own firm in Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, Virginia,  as an Estate Planning Specialist. John S. Burton, Esq., wrote the following pithy newsletter to educate consumers on the need for…


Hack Upon Hack

By now you have probably heard that Equifax was hacked by cyber criminals several months ago.   They were kind enough to alert the public that the event happened nearly a month after they discovered the breach.  Over 148,000,000 people are likely affected. As if having your personal information, including SSN, DOB, addresses and credit card…